Sample from Poetry Archives, by Sophie Plimpton


Mention the resisters
And no poet
Impudent enough to author
Will Spring
A Flower
Or fleas in a vacuum
To another Aesthetic school
In the blackest of Night
Threads of guards
And yarns of Generals
Attempt a glance
At the old inventors
Ridding their way to Victory
Centuries of truths, unfolded
Pressed and cleaned
To the death
Of Prolonged Existance
Otherwise Art will End
Free play will perish
Inevitably applied
Greek and Latin
Cruelly wrong
With Song!

Strange Identity

Evolution in the plastic
Extend and intensify
Solitude as time
A true way of Art
Evoking the equation of
The Universal
Arousing the emotion
Some continuous and
Extension of
A cord of Principles
Why illogical realms
Of diametrically opposed growths
Surpass her
Take the length and depth
As the construction trend
Neutrality was in her
Employing the gradual
She found today
Inherent in the conception
Of a strange identity
Of no note

Her Retina

Her retina
Told local color
To pierce and find Summer
On a Winter’s day
Hot illusions rendering the color
To flower
Springing solid objects
To eliminate light
Burdening a great step
Lettering and dancing
In the Nude

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